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Urban Move 8696 2.95 meter

louis de poortere Urban Move 8696  2.95 meter
Just as in fashion,
where clothing is created to seduce and please,
"Haute Couture" will become
the trend of home interior textile design.

Haute Couture is a program created in the tradition of carpets and rugs with a jacquard design but using a modern and rejuvenated technique that gives our textile a new energy and a great seduction. Haute couture was designed to dress the floor of each interior room of apartments, houses, offices, and why not, airplanes, trains and boats on the way to unexpected places. Haute couture comes in three distinct families, each meeting the most stringent criteria of wear.

Louis de Poortere enhances its reputation as a premium producer of rugs and broadloom carpet, taking manufacture of the latter to new levels with the introduction of the Haute Couture flatweave.

Wholly deserving of its “high fashion” name, Haute Couture is classy and elegant yet fitting for use in both traditional and contemporary settings. With no fewer than 80 designs ready to hold sway in a plethora of colourways, Zag, Zig, So Chic, Coral, Karl, Giorgio, Jacob, Diamond, Miucca, Agra and Patch prove that versatility was high on the priority list when the concept of Haute Couture was born.

There really is a myriad of design possibility with Louis de Poortere’s latest in wall-to-wall product, Haute Couture mixing wool and chenille naturals with high gloss polyester in a 2.95 metre width, whether intricate patterning, electric colour or a combination of the two is desired. With individuality being added to the home there’s no need to bow to convention, Haute Couture is a collection boasting inspiration from Morocco, Scandinavia and beyond.

A culmination of years of advancements in weaving capability, this is an exciting new era for what is an established brand.

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